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Take the next step as a graduate or postgraduate student through continued learning and mentorship. 

What is clinical supervision (in mental health/counseling or social work)?

Clinical supervision is a continued process of professional support and learning that strengthens your expertise and practice through collaborative goal setting, teaching, and constructive feedback. 


Do I qualify for clinical supervision?

Our clinical supervision is currently offered to registered clinical social work interns in the state of Florida, and registered interns who are seeking structured assistance with professional concerns and client situations. 


​What kind of clinical supervision do you offer? 

We offer individual supervision and group supervision via online teleconferencing on Wednesdays between 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., occasional Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

We typically meet with social work interns for twice a month for 4 hours per month. All sessions are online using Zoom. You can live anywhere in Florida and participate in supervision, we will meet twice a month for one two-hour group session and one individual session. You must meet with your supervisor for 100 total hours in no less than 24 months. When you do the calculations 4 hrs monthly x 24 months (2 year minimum) = 96 hours, so essentially you will need 2 years and one month of supervision to obtain the 100 hrs of supervision. In addition, in order to obtain the 1,500 hours of face to face psychotherapy you will need to see clients for a minimum of 15 hours weekly. 1,500 hrs ÷ 104 weeks (2 years) = 15 hours weekly. 


How do I sign up?

​If you choose to move forward, send us an email to 


We’ll set up a phone meeting to learn more about each other, including your goals, expectations, clinical experience. Additionally, I will answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about the supervision process, my clinical experience, supervision style and contract. Once you decide to pursue supervision, we will complete a social work contract agreement.

What to expect?

During supervision you can expect discussion on current events, policies, present cases or ethical dilemmas you or other interns encounter at work and receive feedback from myself and other group members. We’ll also work on understanding the DSM, treatment plans, different therapeutic modalities, medications, and how to “think” for the LCSW exam. 

How do I become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker​?

A Registered Clinical Social Work Intern is required to obtain 1,500 clinical work hours of face-to-face psychotherapy, and 1 hour of supervision every two weeks (at least 100 hours of supervision in no less than 100 weeks, and at least 2 years post masters). After submitting these forms to the Board, you will be eligible to sit for the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) clinical exam to achieve your license. 

*Note: Beginning June 1, 2021, exam approvals will only be issued to those who have completed a minimum of 18 months of post-master’s clinical experience.

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